PCN Ticket Appeal Service

Hi Shahan Alom, please find the ‘Checkout’ button below to complete the transaction for the PCN as discussed.

Please find below the conditions which was previously communicated to you.

By Paying you are agreeing to the below:

  • Please note we in no way can guarantee you a successful appeal, however we will do our best to do so.
  • If the PCN is not cancelled DUE TO our Strategy and Appeals we will refund you the amount of £20.
  • You must not amend or add anything to the appeal in anyway otherwise you lose your right to the £20 refund.
  • Therefore in this case we will only refund you £20 if the PCN is not cancelled at the Tribunal stage as per the strategy above.
  • This appeal relies on images taken from August 2020 – even though in the Informal Appeal we would request images of the signage they are relying on – it is advised you confirm if there is still no entrance sign at start of the section of the bus lane (see image sent below)