London Borough of Lambeth – Being in a Bus Lane


The appellant was a private hire taxi. They stopped in the bus lane for over 4 minutes to pick up passengers, when restrictions were in place.

Private hire taxis can cross bus lanes to gain access to the kerbside to pick up or drop off passengers, but must leave the bus lane straight away.

The pick up took a total of 4 minutes.

The council being the money driven establishment they are, still decided to give a ticket with the hope a payment would be made.


The appellant did explain that they had to wait for the passenger to arrive and then strap in children. Which accounted for the 4 minutes.

Due to the reasoning given, the 4 minutes was not seen as excessive. The appellant should be allowed time for, stopping to make contact with the passenger and time allowed for loading and assisting passengers into the vehicle.

Therefore the appeal was allowed.