London Borough of Havering – Fail to proceed in direction shown by arrow blue sign


The appellant drove the wrong way down a street which was a one way street, supplied by a sign with blue arrows.

The appellant stated that they joined the one way street from an adjoining T junction.

It was at that T junction the appellant turned the wrong way onto the one way street.

However, they stated that there was no one way sign specifically at that T junction to inform them of a one way street. Ideally, a sign opposite the T junction is usually good enough.


The appellants point about no signage at the T junction where they joined the one way street, was a valid point.

However, the adjudicator did not allow it on that basis. They stated the images supplied by both parties were not easy to follow.

The reason it was allowed was due to the CCTV footage supplied by the Enforcement Authority. The footage does not show the vehicle driving against the one way sign. The footage only showed the front of the car coming down the road. It did not show the car passing the blue one way sign.

Therefore the adjudicator was not satisfied the vehicle failed to proceed in the direction shown by an arrow on a blue sign.

The contravention is not proved.