Transport for London: Footway Parking


The appellant parked their vehicle fully on the footpath.

The vehicle was Council owned.

It may seen confusing, however both Local Councils and Transport for London (TFL) can hand out PCN’s.

In this case, TFL issued the PCN to a Council owned vehicle where the driver worked for the Council.

Within the appeal, the appellant stated the reason why they were parked fully on the pavement, (to carry out Council duties).

This is a typical example of how bad the appeals are dealt with internally. If TFL are blindly rejecting Council appeals internally, the chances for everyday people are slim. Within the internal rejection process, Enforcement Authorities have nothing to lose but much to gain (£££).


Within the Notice of Rejection, TFL did not consider the appeal point of why the vehicle was parked on the pavement. They simply just ignored it.

Enforcement Authorities have a duty to consider all representations made to them.

TFL did not do this.

Therefore there was a procedural impropriety.