Transport for London – Stopped where prohibited on red route or clearway


The appellant stopped on a red route clearway, subsequently was caught via CCTV.

A red route clearway is shown via signage. This is to ensure drivers are aware that a red route restriction is in place, without the presence of red lines.

The appellants argument was that there was no signage to show the restriction is in place.


When reviewing the CCTV footage, it did not show any signage in place. To accommodate for that, the Enforcement Authority (EA) provided images of the sign at the location.

However, the images provided were taken 8 months before, this particular contravention took place.

The appellant took their own images a week after the incident. The image showed the signage being turned away, and not facing the correct direction.

Because the appellant supplied the most up to date images it was seen more reliable than the EA’s.

The adjudicator was not satisfied that at the time of the contravention the signage was adequate to convey the restriction to motorists.

Therefore the appeal was allowed.