Private: I’m Thinking of Appealing

The full extent of the appeals process can be confusing for some. This page looks to explain all the possible options there are to appeal right until the final Independent Appeals Stage.

There are 2 ways you can be issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN):

1) The PCN fixed to your windscreen
2) The PCN served by post

Does it affect the grounds of appeal?

  • No.
  • Unlike a council ticket, whether you received the private parking ticket in the post or affixed to the windscreen it does not affect the grounds of appeal.

Parking Charge Notice issued on windscreen ONLY

OPTION A: Appeal within 14 days
When receiving a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) fixed on the windscreen, if you appeal within 14 days you are entitled to pay the discounted rate if the Private Parking Company reject the appeal.

OPTION B: Appeal within 28 days
When receiving a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) fixed on the windscreen, if you appeal after 14 days up to 28 days then you are NOT entitled to the discount if the Private Parking Company rejects your appeal.

NOT RECOMMENDED: If you are not intending to go all the way to the IAS then it is better off appealing within 14 days (Option A) so you do not miss out on the discounted rate, if rejected.

OPTION C: Wait 28 days
When receiving a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) fixed on the windscreen, the Private Parking Company do not know who the driver is. In order to find out they have the right to apply to the DVLA (only if they are part of the Accredited Trade Association see Regulation for more detail).

However they are only able to apply to the DVLA for Registered Keepers details after 28 days from issuing a PCN on a windscreen.

The registered keeper will then receive a PCN through the post.

Applies to both windscreen and postal PCN’s

Whether you received the PCN through the post; which is the next stage in the process of receiving a windscreen PCN (as explained above) OR receiving the PCN in the post for the first time, it is now the same process for all.

OPTION A: Internal Appeal
You have 28 days to lodge an internal appeal to the Private Parking Company regarding your ticket. If you appeal within 14 days, you are more likely to still get the discounted rate if rejected.

OPTION B: Ignore
Whether it is safe to ignore depends on the situation you are in. For more information have a read of; Private: I’m thinking of ignoring

Final Stage

Independent Appeal
The private parking company must within their rejection letter direct you in how to lodge an independent appeal.

There are two types of independent appeals service available; Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) and Independent Appeals Service (IAS).

The type of appeal service you use depends on the Accredited Trade Association (ATA), the private parking company is either a member of (British Parking Association or International Parking Community). To find out more read Regulations.