Private: I’m thinking of ignoring

Ignoring a Private Parking Charge Notice, believe it or not can be a possible option. However it must be dealt with great caution, so below are a few pointers.

1. You personally must be aware of the worst

Ignoring can be a good strategy for some if you are in the right circumstances. However, as soon as you make the decision to ignore you personally must be aware of the worst outcome.

Which is a County Court Judgement and an increased fine.

Therefore you should go in with the mind set of; if the Private Parking Company applied for a County Court Judgement, would they be successful?

2. The driver & registered keeper is not known

This point only applies if the Private Parking Company have not sent the Registered Keeper a notice in the post, after 28 days of receiving the Parking Charge Notice, on the windscreen.

If you are in this situation then great! This means the Private Parking Company do not know who the driver is and have missed the deadline to apply to the DVLA to find out who the keeper is. Therefore they cannot hold anybody liable.

Remember the burden of prove lies with them…not you.

This case study is a perfect example of the above.

3. Check if the Private Parking Company is part of a Accredited Trade Association

This is important. The Private Parking Company MUST be a member of either; British Parking Association (BPA) or International Parking Community (IPC), in order to enforce. You can read more about how the Private Parking industry is regulated here.

4. Go through the full process

Never not go through the full process before you make the decision to ignore, with the exception of point 2 and 3.

This is because, if the worse case happens and you end up having to go to court, immediately you will be penalised for not having followed the full process of the Independent Appeal stage.

It looks better if you go through the whole process, and then point out the legal flaws, within the decision.


You may read online forums that strongly suggest to simply ignore any Parking Charge Notice, because Private Parking Companies rarely apply for County Court Judgements.

But at the end day, you have to bear in mind that Private Parking Companies, can apply for County Court Judgements to recover the money.

All in all, it is not really recommended to ignore a Parking Charge Notice unless you are in the situation of point 2 and 3 above.

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